Saturday, May 30, 2009

Whee! Four months old!

He likes to play, of course.

We can set him down, but there's no telling which direction he'll pivot to.

In this next one, we put him on his back, with his feet under the plastic ball.

But when he sleeps, he sleeps hard. Sometimes he'll sleep for seven hours or so at night. Just not very often.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The most important thing that happened since the last update is that Elijah slept from about 10 pm to 5:30 am. This is the longest total sleep his parents have gotten since before he was born.
And on to the pictures.
He really likes to play.

But every time he tries to play, we take pictures of him.

He's tried different ways to play. Sometimes he leans back and plays.

His grandmother got him this shirt, so we figured we'd show it off here.

And his mom likes pictures of feet.

He got a new outfit with new shoes. He wore it to church last weekend.

After church we had a potluck. There were lots of desserts, which is just to be expected when you invite a lot of Baptists to anything.

Once he got home, he relaxed with his dad.

Then his mom made him change clothes.

He played some more.

Lately, he learned how to roll over onto his side.

From there, he can get onto his stomach.

He's just not sure what to do once he gets there, though.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

We felt lazy this weekend, so we didn't go anywhere. Elijah did play some more. He's learning to grab hold of the fish things.

This is all very tiring, of course.

Later he drove around the kitchen.

And then slept some more.

He sat in the little chair again. He seems to enjoy that.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A bit late with this one, but here goes.
Took a ride in his car.

Then he borrowed a chair.

He seems to like it; he'll stay there for quite a while before he starts fussing.

Then on Saturday his mother went to a Mother/Daughter banquet. We're fully aware that he doesn't fit either category, but they said he was invited anyway.
He got picked up a lot.

Saw some friends.

And, of course, he laughed a lot.

He was quite exhausted once he got home.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Some more good weather, so we went up to Amish country. His parents got some exercise, but he just stayed in the stroller.

They had some hand-made quilts.

Some old methods of travel.

Some very old methods of travel.

And again, Elijah wasn't impressed.

And fudge. Oh, wow, the fudge.
Come up and visit, we'll get you some.

Then we went to an alpaca farm.

In other news, Elijah learned to roll from his back to his side. Pretty soon, he'll be rolling to his stomach.

Just not quite yet.
He does still like to relax, though.

And later he watched a movie with his dad.