Saturday, May 29, 2010


Reading is also fun.

Hmm. Maybe this guy is OK after all.

Ice cream is definitely one of the best things.

We went to Gettysburg today. He saw some folks he knew.

They had a really huge bear. We did not take this one home.

We went to a pool party at some friends' house. He really liked the water.

He also liked driving in the water.

The boy loves some chips and salsa.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


We took Elijah on his second plane trip last week. He liked watching the planes fly.

Later, his great-grandmother made banana pudding, and gave him the beaters.

She has the best toys.

He went lots of places and did lots of things, like riding a horse,

riding a swing,

and eating cheese.

All this stuff is very tiring, of course.

He even found an old camera to play with.

And a grandmother to sleep on.

He and his cousin had a chance to watch Elmo.

Then we found out that he'll have another cousin soon, so that was fun. His cousin even got some practice pushing him around in the stroller. This will help once the new baby arrives.

Playing basketball is fun.

His aunt and uncle will be moving here, which hardly seems fair.

Lots of exploring this trip.

Grandpas are also fun to sleep on.

After that, the little guy stole my ice cream.

Swings are so much fun.

Slides are also fun.

See you all soon!