Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Birthsday

We started his birthday by getting a haircut.

While they were cutting his hair, he got to spray the mirror with the water bottle.

He tried to help his dad take pictures of his new haircut.

His birthday cake had Batman.

He also had a Batman candle. You know you're jealous.

It took forever for us to get ready to eat the cake.

Finally, he got to blow out the candle.

Blue icing got on everything.

He had lots of help opening presents. The parents kept telling the other kids he didn't need help, but they wanted to help too much to stop.

He got lots of presents, of course.

After everything was open, they all crowded around to play with one of his new toys.

We didn't get many pictures of the baby, but we got this good one.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Some more random pictures

We borrowed this seat from the church. He likes to sit there, especially while he is eating.

He fell asleep when he was reading/eating his book.

His brother has a hard time waiting for the carousel to finish.

When it finally gets there, it's fun.

There is an interactive light show board on the floor at the mall. It's fun to kick the colors around.

Big kicks, especially.

Sometimes you can share it with some random kid who shows up.

He also likes to play the arcade games. This one has a mallet to pound the switch.

Birthday next weekend, so we'll have lots more then.

Monday, January 9, 2012

If there's a purpose for checkers other than stacking them, he hasn't found it yet.

The younger one has discovered his feet, and found that they are good to chew on.

He also likes to play with toys, now.

The library has a table to color pictures on.

They both like to go walking in the stroller, as long as it isn't too cold out.

And some more playing in bed.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Post

The Sunday before Christmas, the kids at church got together to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

The older one was there, but didn't sing. The younger one was there only for the rehearsal.
Then, we went to see their Granny.

They had fun playing there.
One of their cousins got to meet the baby.

These have nothing to do with the kids, but the chocolate pies were very pretty and very tasty.

Their grandfather is still good to sleep on.

Three out of four cousins agree that uncles are good to climb on.

Early Christmas Eve, the older one was having trouble waiting to open presents, so he got to open one before everybody else got there.

This was the Christmas tree at the great-grandparents' house.

Uncle Chris wore the Santa hat and handed out presents this year.

It's hard to wait for your name to be called sometimes.

Opening up Batman makes it worth the wait.

Sometimes older brothers have to protect their new stuff from little brothers.

He also got to open some more on Christmas morning.

The baby seemed to enjoy his first Christmas.

For his first Christmas, he got to try something new: solid food.

His brother, meanwhile, was busy being Batman.

The little one taught himself to roll over. Now we can't just leave him in the middle of the floor anymore.

We got to see the lights downtown. It was fun to walk around and see them all.

I think they both enjoyed their time seeing family.